Friday, 29 April 2011

Design & Make Your Own Floor Rug

My mother designed and made a number of of latch-hook rugs.
Click here to see her graph paper designs

The best part of rug-making is designing your own pattern.  It's immensely satisfying and a lot of fun.  Sit at a table with your coloured pencils and a load of graph paper and start playing about with designs. 
You could begin with a few light pencil sketches and then gradually colour in the squares.  Its quite a good idea to have a rough theme in mind and to start in one corner, then when you've got it right you can just copy it into the other three corners to make a symetrical design.  There are so many options - abstract patterns, detailed pictures - try out your artistic flare!

When my father was unwell I copied onto graph paper his Dorsetshire Regiment Shield and he made a latch-hook hearth rug by following the design.

 I made a small latch-hook rug to place underneath my spinning wheel. 

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