Thursday, 28 April 2011

Free Knitting Pattern No. 4: Slouch Hat

Size: Average

Under 100g 8 Ply (Double Knitting) yarn, 1 pair UK Size 4 (6mm, US 10) Knitting Needles.
g: grammes (UK); grams (US);  mm: millimetres, sts: stitches; k: knit; ins: inches; cm: centimetres; tog: together; rep: repeat; rem: remain
Garter Stitch: Knit every row
Using UK No.4 (6mm; US 10) needles cast on 80 sts
1st Row: k into back of each st to end of row
2nd Row: Begin k1, p1 rib
Continue in rib for 7 more rows
10th Row: k
11th Row: k
Continue in Garter st until 72 Garter st rows have been worked
Shape Top:
1st Row: (k2, k2 tog), rep to end (60 sts rem)
2nd Row: (k1, k2 tog) rep to end (40 sts rem)
3rd Row: (k2, k2 tog) rep to end (30 sts rem)
4th Row: (k1, k2 tog) rep to end (10 sts rem)
5th Row: (k1, k2 tog) to last 2 sts, k2 (7)14sts rem)
6th Row: k2 tog to end (7 sts rem)
7th Row: k2 tog 3 times, k1
Thread yarn through rem 4 sts. Pull up tight and secure leaving a long tail for sewing up
Sew side seam.

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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.....just what I was looking for for my grandson.