Saturday, 21 May 2011

Designing Latch-Hook Rugs

My Mother created this design and made the Rug. My Mother also created the sketches below.
Click here for a photo of some of the rugs she made

There are any number of ways to tackle designing rugs.  One rather fun method is just to grab a pen or some coloured pencils and a piece of graph paper and mess about for a while, filling the squares with ink crosses or colour.

A slightly more organised way is to sketch a rough outline in pencil to create a basic shape and then fill in the colour.

Work out the general shape you want.

My Mother had a green theme in her home

If you are intending to create a design that has repeat or complimentary patterns at each end of the rug or perhaps in each corner then first design up one side or one corner and repeat, in reverse, at the other end of the rug or in the other three corners.

Sketch out rough sequences and then expand on a theme.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the result!

Cut & Paste bits of your design in progress.

Experiment with different colours for the same theme.

The detail can be important!

If you need guidance look through pictures, magazines or even knittting and embroidery patterns that have graphs with designs.

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