Saturday, 30 April 2011

Free Crochet Pattern No. 3: Granny Square Scarf

Materials: UK Size 5  (5.50mm; US 8/I) Crochet Hook;  Approx 100g 8 Ply (Double Knitting) Yarn
Abreviations: mm: millimeters; g: grammes (UK) grams (US); ch: chain; dc: double crochet; sp: space; cm: centimeters; in: inches; rep: repeat
Make 5 ch and join with slip stitch to make a ring:
1st Round:
3ch., 2dc. (2ch 3dc.) 3 times, all into ring;  2ch, join with s.s. to top of 3 ch. Fasten  off.
2nd Round:
(3ch., 2dc., 2ch., 3dc.) all into same space, * 1ch., (3dc., 2ch., 3dc.) all into next space, rep from * twice more, 1ch., join with s.s. to top of 3 ch. Fasten off.
3rd Round:
Starting at 1 ch. space that forms one side of square on previous round, make 3ch., 2dc. into same space, 1ch.,  (3dc., 2ch., 3dc) into corner space, *1ch., 3dc., 1ch. into next space (3dc., 2ch., 3dc) into corner space, rep from* twice more, 1ch., join with top of 3 ch. Fasten off.
4th & 5th Rounds:
As last round but noting that from now on there will be 1 more single group of dc on each side of square on each round, and 3dc., 2ch., 3dc.) is worked into each corner space as before.
The 5th Round completes a single square. Make 8 (or preferred length) more squares alike.  Join squares neatly along top of each square.
Next Round:
Rejoin wool at top right-hand corner of right side of scarf and crochet 3dc., 2dc., 3dc into corner space.  Continue crochet pattern working 3dc., 1ch. right across top of scarf and 3dc., 2ch., 3dc. into next corner space.  Crochet in this manner round the entire scarf remembering to include working 3dc. into each space where the square pieces were joined (refer close-up photo). When you have crocheted round the entire scarf fasten off.
Next Round: Work as previous Round.
This completes the scarf, however, another Round may be crocheted as in previous two rounds for a preferred additional width.
A fringe may be added if desired.
Making The Fringe:-
Count the number of spaces surrounding the entire completed scarf.  Cut four 7.5ins (19cms) pieces of wool for every space, including corners. With right side facing, insert crochet hook into first space;  Fold 4 strands of yarn in half and put centre loop onto crochet hook; draw hook & yarn back through the space and then put the 8 strands of yarn round hook and pull ithem rght through the loop on the hook until they hang down in 8 strands as a fringe.  Ensure the fringe is firm but do not pull too tight.  Trim fringe as necessary to even up ends.

They fold away neatly

Don't forget to Crochet in the middle of the join
   Make them any length you like!

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