Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Handspun Beanies

Handspun Beanies look great!  They're wonderfully warm too!  If you're not a spinner you may still be able to source some handspun wool.  Try looking for a local spinning group in your community.

Online auctions may sometimes sell handspun.  Always checkout Ebay and other online sites for bargains.  Some wool shops sell handspun but be aware that it may not be precisely as you would find it from a local spinner in your town.  Individual spinners produce individual yarns!

Look online for spinning groups since many spinners would love you to buy their wool and you might be lucky enough to find some that is hand-dyed too!
Handspun commands a premium price because spinning is a long process. If you're feeling adventurous try your hand at spinning yourself. It's great fun!

They're wonderfully warm!

Handspun Beanies look great!

Put Patterns on the Borders to make them more attractive!

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