Thursday, 7 April 2011


This was at a market when I was in New Zealand.  It was an indoor market and I displayed only items that I had hand-spun and then hand-knitted.

Selling at a market is more than making money

A market is a place where you can meet others of like mind.  Lasting friendships are formed and others with experience of selling are on hand to help and advise you. There's an art to display.  Interestingly, some have found that a very neat and tidy display may mean prospective buyers are too afraid to touch. If people can rummage through things, particularly where clothing is on sale, then they are more likely to buy rather than merely look.  If appropriate wear some of your work yourself. Encourage people to handle your work, try things on and perhaps even look in a mirror that you have supplied and you will have a better chance of a sale.

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