Friday, 15 April 2011


On the table in is a niddy-noddy for winding wool into skeins, useful when dying wool that's spun and plied. The hand-carders (left of photo, just in front of the chair at the table-end) are for pulling small amounts of wool in the same direction.

Table with Equipment

                                                            Mother of All

The lazy-kate (table centre) holds bobbins each containing single ply.  The spinner takes one end of wool from each bobbin and feeds it into the area of the wheel known as 'The-Mother-of-All'.  As the wheel spins it draws in the wool and plies the strands together.

When the wool has been plied the full bobbin is replaced back onto the lazy-kate and it is fed into the wool-winder ready to be made into a ball.   The bobbins are held neatly in the traveller wheel when it is folded up.

Traveller Wheel

Wool Winder

Knitting Bag & Needle Cases

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