Thursday, 14 April 2011

Free Knitting Pattern No. 2: Easy Scarf

1 Pair Needles UK 0 (8 mm) US 11
Use same needles throughout

100 grammes (US 100 grams) Double Knitting Yarn (8 Ply)

Abreviations: sts: stitches; K: Knit;  P: Purl, rep: repeat; ins: inches; cm: centimetres

Cast on 40 sts (adjust more or fewer for preferred width)

1st Row (optional): Knit into back of each stitch
2nd Row: Begin Rib: K2: P2 to end

Continue in Rib by repeating Row 2 throughout until work measures 48 ins (122 cm) or preferred length making sure that your stitch number is a multiple of 4

Cast off in Rib

They look good in any colour

Make them the length of your choice

They are soft and versatile

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