Sunday, 17 April 2011

Handspun Scarves

Handspun scarves are exceptionally warm and provide an opportunity to explore different textures and colour blends.  It all starts at the beginning of the spinning process by the choice of fleece. 

New Zealand Merino, for example, is a fine soft fleece and is beautiful although sometimes the shorter staple makes spinning a little tricky for the  beginner.  In the UK Shetland is well known as a very fine fibe.  Experiment with dyes and experience the anticipation of the outcome!  Hand-dyed fibre is interesting and beautiful.  It produces varigated and subtle tones of colours.  Natural dyes are lovely although without a mordant they may fade in time.

The whole process of preparing the wool will determine the result of the end product from the sorting, washing and teasing of the wool to the carding process and then the spinning, plying and finally the knitting, weaving, crocheting or perhaps felting. 

handspun & hand-dyed Scarf

Hand-dyed wool gives varigated colour!

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