Sunday, 24 April 2011

Crochet Cuddle Rugs

My Mother made many rugs and 'blankes' for charity!

Cuddle Rugs have multiple uses.  Chuck one in the back of the car & use it for picnics. Snuggle up in front of TV with one.  Have one ready for changing baby.  Put one in the bedroom for an extra blanket.
First decide the size you require and then the colour.  Will it be plain or multi-coloured? Do you prefer round, oval, square, oblong or perhaps star-shaped? 
The photos are rugs crocheted by my Mother.  She made countless things for charity.  Many were used as pram covers or children's 'blankies'.  Others were knee rugs, TV rugs, and throws.
An important reminder is to always be aware of the suitability of the rug design for the project.  Remember that babies have very small fingers and toes that can easily become entangled in crochet holes.  Knitted pram covers and knitted baby rugs may be more suitable.

Make them any size you choose!

Choose the colour to suit the decor!

Add contrast colours to make an impact!

Make them bright and cheerful!

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