Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Baby Booties

Baby booties are fun to make.  They are quick and easy!  There are many beautiful patterns and they are popular gifts. 

Take a few pairs to show the owner or manager of a Florist shop and if you've presented them in an appealing display you may easily make a sale with a possibility of supplying them on a regular basis. I have sold quite a lot that way and so far I have never had a rejection.

Remember to approach the shop Manager at a suitable time.  Don't get in the way of customers!

Try asking florists if they'd like you to supply them!  When flowers are ordered for the birth of a baby, florists quite enjoy popping in a cute pair of booties as a little gift.

Blues & Pinks are still popular!

To present the booties attractively stuff them with a little tissue paper right down to the toes

Makes them in different sizes

Make them in many different colours

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