Saturday, 6 August 2011

Free Fancy Knitting Stitch: No. 49

Multiple of 4

Abbreviations: k: knit; st: stitch; sts: stitches; rep: repeat; p: purl; m: make; dble: double; tog: together

Terms: make 1 double: yarn twice round needle

Row 1: k
Row 2: *p4, m1 dble*, rep from * to * until last 4 sts, p4
Row 3: *(k2tog) twice, k into front & back of "made" st*, rep from * to * until last 4 sts, (k2tog) twice
Row 4: p1, *m1 dble, p4*, rep from * to * until last st, m1 dble, p1
Row 5: k1, *k into front & back of "made" st, (k2tog) twice*, rep from, * to * until last 2 sts, k into front & back of made st, p1

These 5 rows form the 1st pattern
The last 4 Rows (2 to 5) form the continuing pattern thus:-
From here-on rep from Row 2

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