Sunday, 29 May 2011

Free Fancy Knitting Stitch No. 14

Multiple of 8

Abbreviations: p: purl; k: knit; sl: slip; m: make; rep: repeat; psso: pass slip stitch over

Terms: m1: make 1 (take yarn round needle); pass slip stitch over: (generally) lift stitch over the last k.stitch (but in this pattern lift over last two k stitches and also the m1)

Row 1: *p5, k3*, rep from * to * until end
Row 2: *p3, k 5*, rep from * to * until end
Row 3: *p5, sl 1, k2, m1, psso k2 & m1*, rep from * to* until end
Row 4: *p3, k5*, rep from * to *, until end

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