Thursday, 26 May 2011

Free Fancy Knitting Stitch No. 12

Multiple of 2

Abbreviations: C: colour;  k: knit; yfwd: yarn forward; sl: slip; ybk: yarn back; rep: repeat; p: purl; st: stitch

Terms: yarn forward: bring the yarn to the front (in the purl position);  yarn back: put the yarn to the back ( in the knit position).

Row 1: C1: *k1, yfwd, sl 1 purlwise, ybk,* rep from * to * until end
Row 2: C1:  p
Row 3: C2:  k1, *k1, yfwd, sl 1 purlwise, ybk,*, rep from  * to * until last st, k1
Row 4: C2: p

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