Wednesday, 20 April 2011

News Blog No.1

Crochet Scarves ready for Market

To avoid confusion the name has been reverted back to'Knitit' since the alternative 'Knitwit' name was not official.
I've had heaps of fun creating Knitit for you.  Use the ideas as a starting point to run a small business or to start selling at market - or else just enjoy messing about experimenting with different ideas and varied fibre, but above all - enjoy your creations!
So far there is a strong emphasis on Quick and Easy things to make.  This is important if you want to make some money and time is of the essence!
Why not find other people in your town who love fibre craft and arrange home meetings to share ideas and join in a market?  The production volume is increased and costs can be shared!  Use small folding boxes with ventilation holes that let the air circulate and may be stacked neatly away for storage.  These can be taken along to market and they fold down flat when empty, (see photos).

Store them in boxes that stack

See the air holes - so necessary to keep them fresh!

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