Friday, 8 April 2011

Latch Hook Rugs

The rose is small and took only a couple of days to make.  It came as a kitset and the pattern was already painted onto the canvas with a paper graph included. The wool was pre-cut and sorted into colours. Once framed, it made an attractive picture.

It's fun designing patterns for latch hook rugs made with wool.  Use crayons on graph paper and play about trying different colours and themes.  Alternatively, you can sometimes buy pattern books although these tend to be rather few and far between!  You can adapt embroidery patterns and some knitting patterns that have a graph picture.

A very large rug to cover the floor of your main reception room will probably take many months to make and if it is a big room it could run into a year or two.  Even hearth rugs can take several weeks.

Rug-making is very adaptable.   You can buy pre-cut wool for rug-making or you can get an up to date cutter that is much more efficient than a stick with a groove!

The wool is wound round and round the stick and then it is cut along the centre of the groove.  It is an old-fashioned method of cutting the wool.

Rug-making equipment:- latch hooks, cutting sticks with a groove in the middle and scissors.

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